Talk Sandy To Me.

A few of you have mentioned, with awe and admiration, that Bad Sandy has a way of speaking all her own.  That’s called literacy people, and I’m happy to share mine with you.

So here are a few Sandy’isms for those of you whose parents wasted their money on a frivolous private school only to find out you still can’t read.

GLUTEN-TAG: Good morning, for Germans with wheat issues.

VAGENIUS: If you have to ask, you don’t have one.

MANDY: A Male Sandy, the very best kind.

COPASANDY: A relationship in tact, copasetic if you will.

MANSTRUATING: A man’s time of the month, which sometimes seems to last all year.

LIL BS: Sandy’s kids.

HUSBAND #1: Your husband, at least for now.

PUNTA DE NO KIDS ALLOWED: The ultimate vacation spot, somewhere in Mexico or Burbank. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is no kids are allowed. And maybe no Husbands.



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