After The Orlando Shooting-What To Do With Our Outrage

Orlando Shootings Outrage

I swear I’ll get back to the funny any day now, but after Sunday’s Orlando shooting it feels frivolous to joke. 50 people gunned down in a nightclub by a mentally unstable shooter carrying an arsenal better suited for a world war starts to feel like the elephant in the middle of the blog. It’s impossible not to have a thought. It feels cowardly not to comment.

I often grapple with posting about timely and political happenings. I usually don’t. I’m no expert, I think to myself. I don’t want to say too much.

But after Sunday I thought, Our country’s at war with itself. There’s no such thing as saying too much.

So I won’t mind if you decide not to read further because this post isn’t what you bargained for. You came for fun, commentary, and jokes. Maybe a Gwyneth letter? Soon, but not today. Today I’m just outraged. Today I want to say too much.

Because for all the outrage, all the anger, and all the supportive rainbow flags floating around Facebook, no one is actually doing anything with their outrage. We’re making memes. We’re offering hope on Instagram. We’re hashtagging our outrage, but we’re not actually doing anything. We simply don’t know what to do.

We’re telling ourselves kindness and love conquers all when we know deep in our hearts that’s not true. If that were true, those 50 people would still be alive.

We’re telling ourselves guns don’t kill people, people kill people, when we know deep in our hearts that’s not true either. A lunatic minus his gun is just a lunatic. Add that gun into the mix and he’s got more power than God. He has the ability to take or spare a life. All because our Constitution says he has the right to bare arms. Surely our founding mothers and fathers didn’t mean he had the right to bare arms that could take down 50 people in the blink of an eye. They probably had something a little different in mind. Even they’d be outraged by our nation’s current state of civil war. But the minute any rational lawmaker brings up gun reform, they are met with a hysterical pushback that surpasses logic.

“It’s my Constitutional right,” they always say.

Sure, and no one’s trying to take that away. But, don’t I have the right to be safe? Why do the rights of few supersede the rights of many? Why can’t there be two sides to the argument? I’m not suggesting anyone lose their right to bare arms. I’m just suggesting it’s too easy to get a gun. It’s too easy to play God.

How They Got Their Guns

We are outraged, but we need to do something with that outrage.

Sign The Petition

We need to require more from our representatives, more from our lobbyists, and more from ourselves. We need to stop letting our country be held hostage by lobbyists. And we need to stop saying guns don’t kill people. They do. Just ask the parents of those 50 people gunned down in Orlando. Their children would still be here if it weren’t for those guns.



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One thought on “After The Orlando Shooting-What To Do With Our Outrage

  1. Well said. It does feel cowardly to not speak out, yet speaking your mind can be opening yourself up to such anger! Thank you for taking the risk…you don’t need to be an “expert” to have common sense and compassion.

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