How To Get Famous At A Funeral

My buddy April Peveteaux and I were at a funeral here in Los Angeles. After the service, there was reception. April and I were chatting, nothing raucous or wild, but I guess the funeral brought out the funny in us. So our friend Adam, who produces a network of podcasts here in Los Angeles just happened to be walking by at the time. He heard our (apparently) witty repartee and asked if we wanted to a podcast on parenting in Hollywood.

When I was an actress in Hollywood I couldn’t get arrested. Clearly I should have gone to more funerals.

So April and I are podcasting.  If you don’t know what a podcast is, it’s like a recorded conversation that is (ideally) interesting. We try to make ours interesting. So we’re doing the Meltdown Moms show, me and April. And Adam is the producer. Because we’re here in Los Angeles, we get to have really cool guests who do cool things in Hollywood.

Ten minutes before we were set to record our first show, we got bumped out of our recording studio. That wasn’t fun. That’s how we ended up with a producer, an engineer, a ton of gear, me and April, and a lot of margaritas, podcasting in my living room. While I put my kids to sleep. And prayed they stayed asleep. Which, thankfully they did.

Our first show was a conversation about the messiness of motherhood and what it’s like to be a celeb mom with my buddy X-Files star, Annabeth Gish.  You should listen to it. It’s really fun. Click here:  The Meltdown Moms Show: Celebrities Are Just Like Us 

This week we were chatting about New Year’s resolutions. Why are we chatting about New Year’s resolutions at the end of January when most people have long since forgotten their promise to eat healthier or spend less money? Well, that’s just how we roll at the Meltdown Moms show. Motherhood is messy. Life is messy. We’re rolling with it.

So pop in your earbuds and enjoy our fun, messy, insightful and hopefully funny podcast. Share if you like. Subscribe if you can. And let me know what you think. Unless you didn’t like it and then I’m fine without knowing. Here’s the link: New Year’s Resolutions


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