Daily Affirmations For Mothers

Affirmations aren’t just for drug addicts and Scientologists. They’re for anyone who wants to keep a positive attitude in the face of adversity. And since no one faces more adversity on a daily basis than mothers, I thought I’d share some ways I stay positive every day.

Feel free to add yours.


I need not to feel competitive with other mothers whose children seem to accomplish things earlier than mine  My tombstone won’t read,”Her babies were the first to sleep through the night.”  In fact, my tombstone will be blank because my children will be screaming from across the cemetery, “Mom! You do it!”

I am not defined by the cleanliness of my home. I am defined by how often my children humiliate me in public.

I will not be judged for scolding another mother’s poorly behaved child. When she visits him in prison, she’ll think of me with gratitude and thank me later for being the first to enlighten her to the fact that her little prince was actually a little shithead.

I need not worry about the over abundance of crap I eat between the hours of 10pm and 12 am.  Surely, I’ll burn it off the next day loathing myself while sucking in.

I will embrace the aging process by reminding my children which wrinkles they gave me and when.

I know there is no such thing as a good mother and will not hold myself to that standard.  A mother is good if she loves her children, works toward kindness and patience while recognizing just how much alcohol she needs in her system to keep working toward kindness and patience.

I will unconditionally love and support my friends, speak kindly about them and wish for their happiness and success as if it were my own, unless they are thinner, prettier or wealthier than me.

Everyday, I will work toward being the best human being, wife, mother and friend I can be.  I will also work toward saving enough cash for that tit lift and back-fat removal I’ve been day-dreaming about while my children talk about their day.

I will not hold grudges against others who have wronged me. I will ask my friends to hold those grudges for me.

I am not responsible for my children’s success or failures, unless they become highly successful.

When I look in the mirror, I will see the smart, beautiful, physical fit beauty I used to be before my children turned me into who I am today.

I deserve love, respect and kindness. I also deserve cheesecake.

I will always remember that I’m not alone in this world, or in the bathroom when I’m trying to change a tampon in private.

I will live in truth and honestly, except when asked about my weight, age, or how I feel about my in-laws.

I will always strive to keep my own identity, one that is separate from my husband and children-especially when they go through the inevitable horse-face adolescent years.

Now that you’ve started your day off on a positive note, help others do the same. If you like this post, like it on this page and share it with your friends. xo



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