Complaints From Your Vagina.

Hi-ya. It’s me down here, your vagina.

Let’s talk.

I try to be non-confrontational. I rarely ask for anything. But since you had that dinner with your girlfriends, I’ve been a bit crampy. All you guys could do was talk about me, like I wasn’t even down there.

I was appalled by that discussion you ladies had about who wears underwear and who doesn’t. What kind of underwear-hating heathens do you hang out with? Sure, they think it’s so “European,” but it’s not. It’s vagina abuse. Sending an underwear-less vagina out in the world is like sending a child into a rainstorm without an umbrella. Someone’s going to get wet. Fuck Europe, put on some panties.

For the rest of the post, click on the link below, it’ll take you to In The Powder Room. If not, lord knows what your vagina will have to say…xo



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