Kim Kardashian’s Speech On The Objectification of Women In The Media

Like, Hey! Like thank you so much to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco for inviting me to speak on behalf of all womens on the crisis of objectification of women in the media. I’m super psyched! The objectification of women in TV, film and online is a total bad thing since not enough people… Read More

Never Do Conflict In Email-The Most Helpful Advice You’ll Ever Receive

Right after Justin and I got married I received an email from a friend of my husband’s criticizing my wedding. The email was about me, but not meant for me. The guy who wrote it had probably meant it for his then girlfriend, but his email had either auto-corrected her name to mine or he… Read More

What I’m Really Thinking When My Kids Won’t Shut The Eff Up

Every weekend, I have delusions of family time that ends about two seconds after my kids get out of school.  It’s not that I mind spending time with them. It’s just that spending time with them requires listening to them. As a child, I didn’t utter a sound or word until I was two-years-old causing my… Read More