My Letter To Kellyanne Conway Regarding Her Gucci Coat

Dear Kellyanne- Well, thank goodness you’ve let the coat out of the bag. I’d managed to keep my mouth shut about Gucci Coatgate for 6 whole days. That was tough. While the rest of the world was commenting, meme’ing, and Tweet’ing about your red, white, and blue Inauguration Day coat (made by Gucci), I remained… Read More

All The Advice My Daughter Needs Before Going To College

Darling Daughter: “I’m coming with you.” That’s the family joke, right? That when you go to college, I’m coming with you. Well kiddo, I wasn’t joking at all. From the second you were born and Dr. Katz said, “It’s a girl,” I’ve had every intention of never letting you out of my sight. Being a… Read More

Elle Magazine This Is How I Start My Day Since You Didn’t Ask

Dear Elle Magazine, Don’t worry. I’m not offended. You’ve been asking women, whom you refer to as “influential in a variety of industries,” to share a typical day of “eats and fitness.” Your goal is to show how they balance their hectic lives influencing people with the demands of their eats and fitness regimes. And… Read More

When Kids Hate Their Presents-A Letter From My Children

Dear Mom- You were right. This Hanukkah thing isn’t half bad. Sure, we had a hard time with the “We’re Jews so we don’t do Christmas” rule you randomly made despite living in a city filled with bacon loving, Christmas tree decorating Jewish people. We love when you stick to the letter of the law,… Read More