Tips For Pushing Through Writer’s Block & When You’re Just Plain Stuck

I wrote on Monday about writer’s block. Actually, it was a post about depression, which always gives me writer’s block, which in turn gives me depression. It’s like being depressed because you’re overweight, or are you overweight because you’re depressed?  Which comes first, the chicken or the ham sandwich? Hell if I know. All I know… Read More

Love Means Never Having To Go To Coachella, and other things I’m relieved I’m too old to do.

Coachella:  aka The Coachella Valley.  Located in Southern California, near Palm Springs. Coachella:  an annual music festival in Indio California in the Coachella Valley. Coachella:  my biggest nightmare. I feel like I dodged a bullet.  The Coachella Music Festival has again passed without me having to go.  It’s a fear of mine- someone graciously giving… Read More

Oh For Goodness Sake, Hello Kitty Doesn’t Have A Mouth.

I’m not supposed to give my daughter girlie toys.  According to the unwritten, but you’re supposed to know them, modern-day rules of parenting, parents of little girls are not supposed to encourage them to do typical “girlie” things like wear pink, pretend to be Princesses, and play with dolls with a stripper-worthy tit-to-waist ratio like Barbie… Read More