• Children Crying In Target

    I’ve spent a good portion of my parenting career trying to answer this important question: why do all children cry in Target? Is it the must have aroma of containers and bulk snacks? Is there some sort of subliminal hypnosis happening between the children and the red Target target logo that sends a beacon like message… Read More

  • My Letter To Kellyanne Conway Regarding Her Gucci Coat

    Dear Kellyanne- Well, thank goodness you’ve let the coat out of the bag. I’d managed to keep my mouth shut about Gucci Coatgate for 6 whole days. That was tough. While the rest of the world was commenting, meme’ing, and Tweet’ing about your red, white, and blue Inauguration Day coat (made by Gucci), I remained… Read More

  • Fat Shamed By My Children

    When Justin and I got married, we promised to always tell each other the truth. This has proved to be one of the worst decisions I have made to date. Worse than the time I cut bangs in my hair, decided I would only listen to jazz music, or the time I thought cowboy boots… Read More

  • The Girl He Married

    I couldn’t get the song “Reverse Skydiving” out of my head. You know when you get a song stuck in your head, always at the least likely moment when you couldn’t actually find out what the song is. I’ve spent many a spin classes wanting to yell to the teacher, “Who sings this?” Not that… Read More