• 13 Ways Every Mom Can Act Like A Star


    I love award shows. But as I watch, I can’t help but wonder if a movie star, TV actor or singer really needs an award. Sure, they probably work hard at their jobs if working hard includes never having to do anything for yourself. I hate to be an award show fun-sponge, but I can’t help… Read More

  • My Letter To Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos


    Dear Jeff: First let me apologize for this morning’s hugging incident involving the Amazon Fresh driver who delivered groceries to my home. He seemed traumatized and I know the fact that I told him I loved him didn’t help. I can assure you my outburst was the result of pure joy, not some sort of weird plot… Read More

  • Lucky


    I love when new friends feel like old friends. Lately, I’ve had the privilege of making some new buddies who feel like friends I’ve known for ages. Sometimes it takes a new friend to point out the obvious. So when I was out with a new friend the other night she said, “You have a… Read More

  • What My Web Search History Says About Me


    I can see how you got to me. Did you know that? A website can see how you got there whether it be via Facebook, Twitter or good old-fashioned web search.  And if you came to a website or blog, even this one, via search engine, the site can see the words you searched. So… Read More