• I Survived My Son’s Man Bun


    Because I knew nothing about parenting and had spent very little time with children before I had children of my own, I made the mistake of saying, aloud I might add, that I would love my children unconditionally. Smart or not, funny or droll, gay or straight, no matter what, I said, I would love… Read More

  • How To Be The First Lady, A Letter To Bill Clinton

    NEW YORK USA - Sep 20 2016: Candidate for Presidency of the United States Hillary Clinton during the 71 th session of the UN General Assembly in New York

    Dear President (Bill) Clinton: Since Hillary stands a very good chance of soon becoming the United States’ first female president, you stand a very good chance of soon becoming our first male first lady. As I watched you proudly look on as Hillary trounced Trump in this past week’s debate, I wondered what would happen… Read More

  • How To Conquer Your Fears-Kinda

    Scared afraid woman with eyes wide open. Part of face closeup.

    When I was a kid, my mom used to make this amazing cheesecake. “It’s for the adults,” she’d say as she watched me eye the cheesecake while she prepared for an upcoming dinner party. Invariably there’d be a bit leftover, which is where the trouble began. My mom would give us each what seemed like… Read More

  • I Sold A TV Show And I Killed A Spider

    Retro typewriter writer woman type photography historical document

    I rarely remember my dreams. I’m convinced I don’t have any. Like even my subconscious is exhausted at the end of the day and screams, “I’m tired!” and just wants to watch reality tv and not talk to anyone. But last night I had an epic dream about spiders. (I’m using a loose definition of the… Read More