• All The Sex You’re Going To Have When You’re Married


    Every few months, I get all Oprah and decide Justin and I should have sex every day. This lasts for about half a day and then I go for more realistic sex goals like, whenever we remember or when I’m feeling thin. If it were up to Justin we’d stick to the every day rule… Read More

  • Why Can’t Spam Have Better Grammar


    My kid says go’d instead of went. This makes me crazy. He’s seven so he’s not technically supposed to be a finished product for a few more years, but it still makes me nuts. Bad grammar is a mother’s nails on a chalkboard, if that chalkboard sounded like an illiterate person translating a Godzilla movie…. Read More

  • How To Get A Coat On A Child


    My son’s first word was, “NO!” And when Margaux, his younger sister, started talking her first words were, “What he said.” So you can imagine the conversation that occurred when Margaux emerged from getting herself dressed for school wearing leg warmers on her arms. One could say she’s a trendsetter, the first toddler to wear… Read More

  • Don’t Judge A Mother By Her Cover


    Both my kids can swim. I tell you this because if you have young kids, like pre-water safe aged kids, you know that beach vacations with them kind of suck. You spend your whole vacation holding your kid in the pool while counting the moments until your husband breaks from his illicit affair with his… Read More