• How To Hold A Grudge For A Friend


    Dear Friends, Let’s talk about grudges, shall we? I’m a big fan of them. You might even say I’m a really good grudge holder. It’s not that I’m petty or unkind, but I do have a pulse and haven’t been lobotomized. That means I tend to remember when I’ve been wronged. And I tend not… Read More

  • My Silver Lining


    Los Angeles is famous for its canyons, the hilly inclines that connect the valley to the city. I’ve always found a spring or summer drive through the canyons exhilarating. Me, driving with all the windows down, my tunes blaring, feeling as if I’m sucking in all of the best things L.A. has to offer. Truth… Read More

  • And Then My Kid Tried To Win The Refrigerator


    Balthazar is 6 and really wants to win. He’s not into sports so he rarely has the opportunity to put his competitive juices to work. So the other night at LG’s Junior Chef’s Academy Event hosted by Food Channel chef Sandra Lee, Balt got his chance. This event was all about showcasing refrigerators and LG pulled out… Read More

  • All The Plastic Surgery I’m Not Going To Have


    My Mom’s going to call me in about 30 seconds.   That’s because when I write the following sentence: I’m probably going to have to have knee surgery, my Mom will read it and immediately call.  Because when I write “knee surgery”,  she’ll read “cancer.” So no Mom, I do not have cancer. My knees are exhausted,… Read More