• The Last Tampon


    Every month I panic. I’m not scared I’m going to get my period. I’m scared I won’t. Not getting your period means one of two things has happened, you’ve either gotten pregnant or you’ve gotten old. I’m terrified of either option so I always greet the arrival of my period with a hug and a… Read More

  • There’s A Stranger In His Underpants In My Pool


    We meant to rent a house for a year, maybe two, while we waited for the market to pick up so we could sell our tiny house that our kids didn’t fit in. But somehow one year turned to five years and we’re still renting. Our little house was our first. Justin fell in love… Read More

  • Are You Good With God?


    Kitten and I have been best friends since we were teens. She’ll kill me for writing about her. But since I basically worship the water she walks on, her reputation and thick skin are in tact right here. We’ve rarely lived in the same city and work in very different professions, yet we seem to share… Read More

  • Well That Was Fun


    It’s Friday, which means nothing to parents. Weekends for us are just two more days that our kids wake up early.  There is the bonus that you don’t have to get a kid to school on time on the weekend, but you have to get them to soccer/birthday party/hebrew school/church school and stuff on time…. Read More