• Tombstones For Mothers

    I’ve emptied the trash 5 times today. At least that’s what it feels like. There are only four people in my house, but enough trash for a small army. And the laundry. Motherhood is like Groundhog Laundry. As soon as I wash something, it’s dirty again. Or, at least it’s in the hamper waiting to be… Read More

  • To The People On Their Iphones In The Audience Of My Daughter’s Play

    To The Father Seated Front Row Filming The Show On His Ipad: I can’t say I’ve ever been to a child’s performance where there wasn’t a parent (okay who are we kidding, it’s always a dad) seated front row holding his ipad up in the air to film the entire show. The ipad is just… Read More

  • Amazon Prints is REALLY worth the try! $1000 of Amazon Gift Cards to be Won!

    Justin thinks I love Amazon more than I love him. Shh, don’t tell. There’s a chance he’s right. It’s just that I can’t figure out how anyone mom’d P.A. (Prior to Amazon.)  So naturally when Amazon asked me to tell you about their photo printing service, Prime Photos, I said I’d be glad to. And also… Read More

  • It’s Time For The Talk

    There are a few parenting milestones that one looks forward to and a few that one dreads. Me, I looked forward to almost all of them because most milestones mean that mom is getting closer and closer to being liberated from her post as an indentured servant who has to figure out how to make… Read More