• I Sold A TV Show And I Killed A Spider

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    I rarely remember my dreams. I’m convinced I don’t have any. Like even my subconscious is exhausted at the end of the day and screams, “I’m tired!” and just wants to watch reality tv and not talk to anyone. But last night I had an epic dream about spiders. (I’m using a loose definition of the… Read More

  • How Do You Wash Away Karma?


    The other day, I was driving the kids to school and the subject of karma came up. I almost can’t remember how. Oh, I know! It was the car accident story. I was updating the kids on the car accident story. The story is this: I had Margaux in the car and we were waiting… Read More

  • It Could Be Worse: A Collection Of Lessons Learned On My Summer Vacation


    I’ve been trying to write a back to school post for a few days. Balthazar started third grade and Margaux started Kindergarten, which means summer is over.  But as I wrote (a zillion drafts), I realized that the truth of my summer was an elephant in the middle of my blog. So I’m just going to… Read More

  • All The Advice My Daughter Needs Before Going To College

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    Darling Daughter: “I’m coming with you.” That’s the family joke, right? That when you go to college, I’m coming with you. Well kiddo, I wasn’t joking at all. From the second you were born and Dr. Katz said, “It’s a girl,” I’ve had every intention of never letting you out of my sight. Being a… Read More