• Amazon Prints is REALLY worth the try! $1000 of Amazon Gift Cards to be Won!

    Justin thinks I love Amazon more than I love him. Shh, don’t tell. There’s a chance he’s right. It’s just that I can’t figure out how anyone mom’d P.A. (Prior to Amazon.)  So naturally when Amazon asked me to tell you about their photo printing service, Prime Photos, I said I’d be glad to. And also… Read More

  • It’s Time For The Talk

    There are a few parenting milestones that one looks forward to and a few that one dreads. Me, I looked forward to almost all of them because most milestones mean that mom is getting closer and closer to being liberated from her post as an indentured servant who has to figure out how to make… Read More

  • Tips For Pushing Through Writer’s Block & When You’re Just Plain Stuck

    I wrote on Monday about writer’s block. Actually, it was a post about depression, which always gives me writer’s block, which in turn gives me depression. It’s like being depressed because you’re overweight, or are you overweight because you’re depressed?  Which comes first, the chicken or the ham sandwich? Hell if I know. All I know… Read More

  • A Timeline Of How The Fidget Spinner Crushed My Soul

    fidget spinner

    It wasn’t until last week when the fidget spinner fad arrived on our doorstep that I realized my children were deprived. Up until last Tuesday I thought, mistakenly, that my children were living pretty well. The fidget spinner changed all that. RELATED: Why Are You Holding Your Penis? “Mah-meeee,” my son said from the back… Read More