• Never Do Conflict In Email-The Most Helpful Advice You’ll Ever Receive


    Right after Justin and I got married I received an email from a friend of my husband’s criticizing my wedding. The email was about me, but not meant for me. The guy who wrote it had probably meant it for his then girlfriend, but his email had either auto-corrected her name to mine or he… Read More

  • The Elf On The Shelf Is Bullshit


    When I was a kid, my Mom tried to convince my sisters and I that Hannukah Harry was going to come for eight days straight to bring us presents for Hannukah. If you know anything about Hannukah Harry you know that there is nothing to know about Hannukah Harry. That’s because there’s no such thing… Read More

  • A Letter From Your To-Do List

    ToDo List

    An old boss once called me an “organizational genius,” a compliment I wear with pride. But my organization skills start, and finish, with a piece of paper. In other words if I don’t write down what I need to do, I’m not doing it. Every evening, I find some scrap of paper, or paper towel… Read More

  • A Mother’s Confession On Thanksgiving


    Dear God, Thank you so much for this wonderful Thanksgiving feast, which I’ve been preparing for the past three weeks. I won’t get a chance to eat any of it because I’ll be busy serving my guests while trying to make sure none of their children play, “Let’s destroy the house.” That’s why this year… Read More