• The Creepy Things I Say To My Children


    Every year I dread finding a costume for myself for Halloween. For women the choices in costume are either slutty or scary, but nowhere in between.   I met a gal yesterday who, a few years ago, got together with friends to dress as the Easy Sprit basketball team. By the end of the night, her… Read More

  • What Every Parent Is Thinking On Halloween


    When did Halloween get to be such a big eff’ing deal? This morning my big one woke up, saw what day it was and said, “Only two more days until the most special day ever!” You’d think it was two days until his birthday or until Christmas. But no, when referring to the most special day… Read More

  • Confessions Of A Failed Soccer Mom


    It’s another 90-degree Los Angeles day. I can’t stop thinking about how I forgot to put sunscreen on. “I’m wearing a V-neck top,” I think to myself. “My chest will have skin cancer by noon.” I close my eyes. Not because I’m enjoying the sun or having a meditative moment. I’m closing my eyes because… Read More

  • Don’t Tell Me To Just Wait For My Kids To Become Teens


    Three-year-old girls are particularly adorable. I can tell you this with certainty because I am currently the owner of a three-year-old girl. She is particularly adorable. I feel comfortable telling you she’s adorable without seeming to brag because I had absolutely nothing to do with her adorableness. From the day she came out of the… Read More