• Are You A Pretentious A-hole?

    Beautiful elegant woman in a luxury hotel

    A good friend of mine is thinking of starting a new career. “I’m starting a bespoke jewelry line for children,” he says. “Everything is made from recycled marbles.” He wants to know if my kids would wear them. Before I can answer, I immediately Google the word “bespoke” because I have no idea what it… Read More

  • Kim Kardashian’s Speech On The Objectification of Women In The Media


    Like, Hey! Like thank you so much to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco for inviting me to speak on behalf of all womens on the crisis of objectification of women in the media. I’m super psyched! The objectification of women in TV, film and online is a total bad thing since not enough people… Read More

  • My Advice To P Diddy On How To Threaten His Son’s UCLA Football Coach

    fitness man training with kettlebells outtside. Kettlebell closeup of fit male sport athlete strength training shoulder and arms outdoors on beach.

    Dear Sean Puffy Diddy Daddy Combs: May I call you Diddy? I don’t want to be informal. It’s just that I’m not sure where we are on your name(s), which makes me unsure how to address you. It’s like when Prince changed his name from Prince to that symbol that looks like the tattoo on… Read More

  • Hangry + 10 Other Kid Emotions I’d Add To Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out

    Black and white photo of a boy in an angry grimassy closeup.

    The skyline of Los Angeles is plastered with billboards for Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out.” Seriously, everywhere you look Angry or Sadness are staring you in the face. Some marketing person is getting a fat Christmas bonus for this one. The movie posters are everywhere. My kids are obsessed with the billboards, which always seem to prompt… Read More

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