• Greetings From The Laundry Room

    Hi Family- That sounds fun, all that enjoying of life you’re doing. It must be so nice to do things like sit, watch entertaining people on TV screens, and eat a new snack every ten to fifteen minutes. I really appreciated how just today you asked me to join you in your sitting down and… Read More

  • A Letter To My Children: Here’s How Morning Works

    Dear Kids,  Well that was fun, this morning. What, you two with the screaming and complaining and the over all mess of a let’s get out of the house on time for school.  I won’t lie. I was angry that what seemed like a simple task, going to school, went so awry.  Then I realized… Read More

  • Winning The Battle Of The Untied Shoelaces

    I can’t tell if this is a great act of strategic parenting, or if I’ve just entered the slippery slope of not giving a shit, but I’ve finally given up on the shoe laces.   My big one walks around all day, all the time, with his shoes untied. It makes me nuts. It makes… Read More

  • Now You Know What It’s Like To Be A Mom

    When it comes to marriage, Justin and I have a divide and conquer approach. He handles insurance and managing of funds. I handle most of the kid decisions, spending of funds, and I’m the default domestic person.   Both of us probably feels like the other’s job is easier, which is the key to any long… Read More