• Elle Magazine This Is How I Start My Day Since You Didn’t Ask

    Beautiful young hippie woman sitting in the field and praying to God

    Dear Elle Magazine, Don’t worry. I’m not offended. You’ve been asking women, whom you refer to as “influential in a variety of industries,” to share a typical day of “eats and fitness.” Your goal is to show how they balance their hectic lives influencing people with the demands of their eats and fitness regimes. And… Read More

  • Oh No, Not The Guy With The Clipboard Outside The Grocery Store

    Hipster friends on road trip on a summers day

    I don’t mind going to the grocery store. It’s the leaving I don’t like. I dread the onslaught of otherwise unemployed college grads standing outside the exit who have been hired by some anonymous group to get patrons to sign petitions, support their causes, or give money to charities unknown.  The grocery store isn’t my place of charity worship. It’s… Read More

  • Let’s Talk About How To Use A Line

    Several employees standing in queue along wall

    The door to my daughter’s pre-school classroom opens out. To the right of the entrance is a sign-in sheet for parents to sign their child in or out. To the left are the children’s cubbies. And on the right, just past the sign-in sheet, is the rest of the classroom. The placement of the sign-in… Read More

  • My Dysfunctional Relationship With Waze

    Road rage

    It started out innocent enough, my relationship with the real time driving app Waze. When my son transferred to a new school 25 minutes from home, I figured the drive would be no problem. “I’ve been driving for 20 years,” I thought to myself. “I’ve got this.” But I didn’t have this because my kid… Read More