• Thought Bubble Bitch

    Woman in business suit sitting in waiting area

    Justin popped my tire. That’s not a sexy euphemism. He literally popped my tire swerving out of the way of an out of control driver. When faced with the choice of your kids and car getting totaled, or popping a tire running up on the curve, always sacrifice the tire. So that’s why I’m sitting… Read More

  • How Dr. Phil Introduced Me To My Husband

    LOS ANGELES - MAY 13: Dr Phil McGraw at a ceremony where Steve Harvey is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on May 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, California

    If I were ever to give dating advice to a single person on how to meet “The One”, I’d suggest that the best way to meet your soul mate is to be convinced you’ll never meet your soul mate. Because at about the time in my life that I had surrendered to the notion that… Read More

  • How To Stalk Your Telemarketer

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    Our home phone rarely rings. In fact, I tend to forget it’s there. When it does ring my kids might say, “What’s that sound?” as if they’ve never heard it before. In the world of the cell phone, a home phone hardly seems necessary. There are really only two kinds of calls I receive on… Read More

  • When Your In-Laws Get Iphones

    picture of angry woman shouting at phone

    A day ago, I received a startling message. It was a text message containing a selfie of my mother-in-law. She was photographed sitting in a restaurant doing nothing in particular under lighting just better than that of a mug shot. The angle was one I like to refer to as chin-specific, which is to say… Read More

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