• All The Advice My Daughter Needs Before Going To College

    student in graduation cap

    Darling Daughter: “I’m coming with you.” That’s the family joke, right? That when you go to college, I’m coming with you. Well kiddo, I wasn’t joking at all. From the second you were born and Dr. Katz said, “It’s a girl,” I’ve had every intention of never letting you out of my sight. Being a… Read More

  • How To Tell If Your Child Is Happy At Sleepaway Camp By Over-Analyzing Camp Photos


    I was once referred to as an organizational genius. Sure this came from a person who couldn’t find his shoes when they were tied to his feet, but you might say organization is my thing. It helps me prepare for the unknown and, in turn, not fear what I don’t know. This skill has come… Read More

  • When Moms Try To Dress Like Their Daughters


    Everywhere we go, someone compliments Margaux on her style.  “Oh, you’re such a fashionista,” a stranger might say noting Margaux’s ability to put two mismatched patterns together, or wear so many accessories she’d never make it through a metal detector without sounding the alarm.  And then there’s the sparkles. And the pink. Oh, there’s always… Read More

  • Why We Get Married

    Should You Get Married?

    Justin and I have been married for eleven years, happily for most. We’ve been together for sixteen years, happily for most. I adore him and he adores me, at least that’s what I keep telling him. [Top Image via: Ben Rossett/Unsplash] The idea of marriage always seemed logical to me. My parents have been married for over… Read More