• Live Tweets From A Princess Party

    Princess Party

     Our little princess is turning 4. Join Shelby for an all girls Royal Tea Party 12:00 noon -2:50 pm Saturday October 24th, 2015 Flamingos and Unicorns 11201 Ventura Blvd. Suite #212 Sherman Oaks, CA RSVP to Queen Pam by November 29th, 2015 *Shelby is registered at Nordstrom, ToysRUs and Pottery Barn Kids (ask for Hilary). I… Read More

  • When You Accidentally Say I Love You To The UPS Man

    pop art cute retro woman in comics style with message vector illustration

    It’s the middle of the day. My cell phone rings. The caller ID shows the name of my son’s school. I sigh knowing full well that as soon as I answer, my day will be ruined. Teachers don’t call mid day to tell you that your child is having a great day and that the… Read More

  • Let’s Take A Break So You Can Win Some Free Stuff

    Many Hands Holding the Word Contest in the Sky

    Well that was dumb. Me, not you. See I said I would let you guys know about this awesome giveaway from  Spin Master Quick Cups. The only problem with that is now I can’t enter. So since I can’t enter a giveaway that my kids would totally love me to win, I hope you do. And… Read More

  • When Your Husband Washes The Dishes


    I’m washing the dishes. That’s because Justin’s just washed the dishes, but only washed half. So I’m washing the dishes. Because when my husband says, “I cleaned up the whole kitchen,” what he actually means is, “But not everything…:” Even when he’s explaining his domestic contribution, he only explains half. And so I’m finishing the… Read More