• That’s A Dumb Tattoo

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    The singer Ed Sheeran just got a full frontal water color tattoo of a lion. There’s a chance it might be some sort of body art tribute to the late African lion Cecil who was gunned down by a dentist with a small penis. Or, Ed just randomly decided to cover his chest with a huge permanent… Read More

  • 15 Ways To Keep Your Husband From Banging Your Nanny

    Young sexy woman. Water studio photo .

    It’s an epidemic. Nanny-banging. There seems to be a recent outbreak of famous men whose already strained marriages have fallen to pieces because they got the bright idea to schtupp the babysitter. Hmm-hmm Ben Affleck and Gavin Rossedale, did you forget how shit went down for Jude Law when he got it on with his… Read More

  • How To Celebrate National Underwear Day & Other Bullshit Holidays

    Happy mid adult woman. Young pretty young girl fashion outdoor portrait. Young blonde stylish woman posing. bicycle.hipster

    I’m scrolling through Instagram when I come across a photo of a friend with her sister. Other friends respond in the comments with emojis of two girls with their arms around each other or emojis of two girls trying to strangle one another while commenting about and tagging their own sisters. The caption on the… Read More

  • You Want To Pay Me For Photos Of My What?

    a handsome man kissing a woman's foot.  black background and room for text. black and white

    I’m at Dave and Buster’s with Balthazar who is attending a birthday party for a friend. A tall guy in a leather biker gang jacket catches my eye. He smiles, winks his good eye, smiles again and walks away. I see him check me out a few more times as I chase my 7-year-old through… Read More

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