• Girl Power

    DC Super Hero Girls Contest

    Now that Margaux’s five and developing her own taste in fashion, tv shows, and music, I can’t help but notice that toys, movies, and superheroes are really geared toward boys.   It may not seem like a big deal until you watch a movie or tv show with a five-year-old girl. It never fails. She’ll… Read More

  • My Kids Might Be A-Holes And Other Things I Learned On My Family Vacation

    little boy travel on beach with suitcase, kids travel

    The gas station was only a quarter mile away. I told Balthazar we’d walk to get cash. We’d be back by the time the doctor at the local urgent care called our names. We weren’t two feet out of the doctor’s office when Balt started to complain. He didn’t stop for the duration of the… Read More

  • 31 Signs You’re A Little Too White

    Family Standing Outside Suburban Home

    The other day I was wasting time on Facebook when I came across a friend’s post lamenting the service she got at her local BMW dealership. At the end of the rant, which ended with her getting a free oil change, she mentioned that her faith in humanity had been restored. I know people take… Read More

  • Don’t Worry Kanye I’m Here To Help

    crying little girl fall off on sidewalk, kids safety

    Dear Kanye- It’s been a while since my last letter.   I’m sorry for that. It seems in my absence you’ve been getting some bad advice on you from you and now you’re getting a PhD in unlikeable. My bad. Kanye you happen to have this special gift. I mean it, you really do. You’re an incredibly… Read More