• Now You Know What It’s Like To Be A Mom

    When it comes to marriage, Justin and I have a divide and conquer approach. He handles insurance and managing of funds. I handle most of the kid decisions, spending of funds, and I’m the default domestic person.   Both of us probably feels like the other’s job is easier, which is the key to any long… Read More

  • You’re Ten Years Old, Just Like That

    Balthazar was the first baby with whom I ever spent a lot of time. When he arrived, nearly two weeks late I might add, he was one of the first babies I had ever held. When the doctor put him on my chest for the first time, I remember marveling that he had eyebrows, eyelashes,… Read More

  • A Great New Way To Share Motorsports Fun With Your Kids! Win NASCAR Prizes!

    NASCAR Giveaway

    I get asked to write about a lot of products, books and, websites. I’ll be honest, I usually say no. I don’t like to hawk stuff that I don’t believe in. It’s not my cup of tea. But, I do like chatting about products and tech for kids that I really believe in. Plus, I… Read More

  • European Children Can Be Jerks Too

    I left for our three-week family trip to Europe assuming my kids would do nothing to dispel the rumor that American children, and their mothers, are heathens. My kid’s behavior isn’t particularly good or bad. They’ve got some strong qualities in relation to please’s and thank you’s. And some weaknesses in the areas of meltdowns… Read More